James Harden weighs in on the Durant-Westbrook matchup

James Harden began his career with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and spent his first three seasons with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook as one of their key teammates. And he’s as excited as the rest of us to see how the first matchup between them will play out Thursday night.

“Yeah, I’ll tune in. I’ll see what’s going on. Everybody knows how Russ feels,” Harden told SLAM’s Abe Schwadron on Thursday. “So I want to see a really good game. I want to see Russ do his thing.”

This isn’t necessarily a case of Harden choosing a side, but it sure sounds like he wants to see Westbrook show out against Durant in their first meeting since KD spurned OKC for a more sure shot at consistent title contention with the Golden State Warriors.