Jaguars’ Gus Bradley redefines hot streak in saddest terms possible

In Week 9 at Kansas City, the Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6) simply refused to win a game in which the Chiefs were missing their starting quarterback (Alex Smith), their top two running backs (Spencer Ware and Jamaal Charles), their top wideout (Jeremy Maclin) for most of the game and perhaps their best pass catcher in tight end Travis Kelce, who got ejected in the fourth quarter.

The Jaguars offense gained 25 first downs to only 10 for the Chiefs and managed 205 rushing yards but couldn’t get out of their own way with four turnovers. This comes one week after an absolutely dreadful performance at Tennessee on Thursday night. Pre-season expectations were high (relatively) for Jacksonville but in light of recent events, they’ve fallen quite low.

Via, here’s Bradley talking about the next game: “We need to take care of this game [vs. Houston on Sunday] and win one to get hot; I understand that. I just think this team can get on a roll.”

True, you do need to win one to get hot, but typically you need to two before… oh, never mind. This clip will probably never be more relevant:


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