Is Russell Westbrook a good teammate?

Russell Westbrook is stealing the NBA spotlight, averaging a triple-double while almost singlehandedly leading the Oklahoma City Thunder to a solid start.

However, not everyone agrees that this is a good thing. Colin Cowherd is among the critics who think Westbrook is indulging his ego by putting up amazing stats.

"You know what the stars are saying? This is why KD left. It’s all about Westbrook’s stats," Cowherd said on "Speak For Yourself" on Tuesday.

Westbrook is leading the league in shots per game (23.7) and second in turnovers (5.5). And while Skip Bayless isn’t sure if Westbrook playing this way is selfish or not, he acknowledges it’s must-see TV and stands by his preseason prediction that Westbrook will be the MVP.

Check out what else he had to say in the video below.