Holloway questions Aldo’s UFC 208 statement, says he needs his brain checked

Max Holloway wants a piece of Jose Aldo, but he didn’t seem too enthused about Aldo’s statement that their fight was already set for UFC 208 in Brooklyn. Holloway, who suggested the February 11th date in Brooklyn for their fight in his post-fight interview following his UFC 206 win over Anthony Pettis, doesn’t seem to think Aldo will actually show up.

Holloway was a guest on The MMA Hour today, and called Aldo out for his announcement:

“I don’t know. You got Jose Waldo over here saying February 11th. He wants to retire, he wants to be a soccer player, now he’s a f—king matchmaker. Like I said before, UFC needs to send his ass to the Cleveland Clinic to get his brain checked. They’ve been sending me a bunch of times and my brain seems fine.”

“We will see what happens, I don’t want to give up Christmas and I don’t want to give up my son’s birthday on January 4th for February 11th and the guy don’t show up.”

Holloway picked up the interim UFC featherweight title with his third-round TKO win over Pettis in Toronto on the weekend. With the recent title shuffle involving Conor McGregor being stripped and Aldo being promoted to full champion, a reunification bout seemed like an obvious next step. Holloway may have reason to be concerned though – Aldo does have a history of pulling out of fights with injuries, competing just nine times in his six years with the promotion overall.