Here’s why Dolphins fans booed Colin Kaepernick on Sunday

Back when his national anthem protests were dominating headlines last summer, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick addressed reporters while wearing a Fidel Castro T-shirt, and that three-month-old decision earned him a heavy dose of boos Sunday at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

Below is the T-shirt. Above, in the video, are the boos that rained down on Kaepernick the first time he took the field against the Dolphins.


The T-shirt inspired renewed controversy this week when Kaepernick met with Miami reporters on a conference call ahead of the 49ers’ Sunday game and Miami Herald reporter Armando Salguero questioned the QB about his decision to support the longtime Cuban president, who, coincidentally, died Friday at age 90.

Kaepernick initially pointed out that civil rights activist Malcolm X was also on the T-shirt, but the reporter accused Kaepernick of trying to change the subject before playing a game in front of Miami’s large Cuban-American fanbase. The quarterback then ended up defending Castro’s educational policies – he’s been called a dictator, and Kaepernick has been speaking out against oppression in the United States – amid harsh questioning.

That put Kaepernick back in the headlines – particularly in Miami – and likely led to his not-so-warm reception at the start of the Niners’ 31-24 loss.

Kaepernick is 0-6 as the starter this season since replacing Blaine Gabbert in Week 6.