Hamburg fans troll themselves with depressing (yet hilarious) banner

Hamburg celebrated the 80th birthday of club legend and World Cup winner Uwe Seeler on Saturday, right before HSV kicked off against Borussia Dortmund.

Had Seeler been as wise as he was dangerous in front of goal, he would have spent his birthday anywhere else. The pregame festivities were the only thing HSV fans were able to cheer for all day, as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored a hat trick within the first 30 minutes in an eventual 5-2 Dortmund victory.

But it’s not like Hamburg fans were expecting much else. The mood around the Bundesliga’s last-place team has become so depressing, there was even a banner hung inside the stadium mocking the club’s top-flight status.


The banner reads: “First division, no one knows why.”

And throughout the game, the home crowd sang hilarious, self-deprecating chants to keep their spirits somewhat up. Chants like "Except for Uwe, all of you can go" and "Hoorah, hoorah, the relegated ones are here."


Hamburg have been toiling in the relegation zone for the better part of the last three years, yet always seem to find a way to survive in the end. But they’ve never been this bad.

The Bundesliga dinosaurs – the only club to have featured in the top flight every season since the league’s inception 53 years ago – have just two points and four goals from their first ten games. Only one team in league history had fewer at this juncture – 1. FC Saarbruecken had one point in 1963/64.

Despite already having changed their manager once this season, HSV have lost eight of their ten games. No Bundesliga club has ever managed to stay up after such a start (Ingolstadt also have 8 losses this season), and now it seems not even their fans are still believers.