Gregg Popovich sports a ‘Vote for Pedro’ shirt before Spurs-Clippers game

Before his San Antonio Spurs took on the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday night, Gregg Popovic channeled some "Napoleon Dynamite" for what appears to be an endorsement of Pedro:


Of course Pedro ran for a different office (class president).

Perhaps Popovich is offering a suggestion for  a write-in candidate in the upcoming presidential election, or generally encouraging people to vote, or signaling something about both major party candidates. When asked by Esquire in early October for his thoughts on the current election, he looked to ancient Rome for meaning:

"I worry that maybe I’m being a little too pessimistic, but I’m beginning to have a harder time believing that we are not Rome. Rome didn’t fall in 20 days or 30 years. It took a couple hundred years. The question is: Are we in that process and we don’t even know it? I really am starting to think about that. It’s not just the two candidates. It’s the way the whole thing is being treated."