Gary Kubiak says Broncos need to ‘control our emotions’ after heartbreaking loss

The Denver Broncos apparently weren’t lacking passion during their deflating 30-27 overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night. In one instance, the players’ desire to win went too far, and Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak addressed the incident between cornerback Aqib Talib and wideout Jordan Norwood on Monday.

"Obviously emotions get in the way and those are things we’ve got to talk about,” Kubiak said, via ESPN. "We’ve got to control our emotions. It’s a very competitive environment down there and there was no harm intended, I can tell you that. Those two guys are fine."

Emotions ran high in the fourth quarter with the Broncos trailing 16-10. After Norwood muffed his second punt of the game, many of his teammates reacted with disgust when the miscue was recovered by the Chiefs at their own 41-yard line. Talib didn’t just verbally taunt Norwood but instead shoved the 30-year-old wideout.

Kubiak said he addressed the episode with the team and stressed that the players have to have each other’s back.

"I want our guys to compete," Kubiak said. "We have to handle those situations better. I tell our guys all the time, here’s what I tell them, we battle together, we don’t battle each other. And they understand that.”