Ezekiel Elliott: Making Tony Romo the QB ‘would be tough’ on Dak Prescott

Rookies Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott have been a dynamic duo for the Dallas Cowboys, and while Elliott acknowledged that being benched in favor of Tony Romo "would be tough" on Prescott, he followed his QB’s example and made it clear that what matters most is TEAM.


Elliott spoke to reporters Wednesday when Romo was a full participant at practice for the first time, amid reports that the veteran QB feels he’s healthy enough to play again.

Romo looked "fantastic" working with the scout team, linebacker Sean Lee told reporters, but it’s unlikely that Romo would get tossed into action Sunday against the Steelers. Still, his return has loomed large all season, even as Prescott has guided the Cowboys to a 7-1 start.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who went 13-0 in the regular season as a rookie starter in 2004, joined the conversation Wednesday, echoing the prevailing sentiments.

"Taking nothing away from Tony," Roethlisberger told reporters. "He’s been doing it, Pro Bowl, like you said, at a high level. But when you’re winning football games, it’s really hard to replace that one spot."

Prescott, however, told reporters "nothing changes for me" this week and he’s not worried about being replaced.

"I don’t really think about if I’ve done enough or what I’ve done," Prescott said.