Eric Dickerson weighs in on the Rams firing Jeff Fisher

When the Los Angeles Rams fired head coach Jeff Fisher on Monday, one of the folks everyone went to first for reaction was Eric Dickerson, and the Hall of Fame running back was on “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd just minutes after the news broke.

Dickerson, you’ll recall, had been banned – or not banned, depending on whether you believe Fisher or the former Rams great – from the team’s sideline this season after he was openly critical of the team’s direction.

That dispute will cease to be a public relations problem for the Rams in their new (old) city now that Fisher has been shown the door before the completion of a fifth season that included a 4-9 record and an increasing number of on- and off-field gaffes from the veteran coach.

Dickerson, who played for the LA Rams from 1983-87, shared his reaction with Cowherd:

I’m not shocked. I think this is something that had to happen. He had the players giving up on him. … I’ve said this before, it’s all about winning. … The Los Angeles Rams fans deserve better than that, and I just want us to win.

“I’m not hating on Jeff, I’m not mad at him, but I can’t feel sorry for a guy who made $35 million coaching. He’ll be OK. It is what it is. When they cut players they always say they’re going in a different direction, so we’re going in a different direction also.”

So who should replace Fisher?

"They have to have someone that’s a real football guy, that’s going to make a difference, like a real splash. Not a yes boy or a yes man but someone who knows football and wants to win. That’s what it’s all about in LA. You can’t put a mediocre product on the field out here, as we saw yesterday."

Dickerson wasn’t on hand for Sunday’s embarrassing 42-14 home loss to the Falcons, but Cowherd made sure to ask him whether he’ll be back at Rams games after swearing off attendance as long as Fisher was the coach.

“Of course I’ll go now.”

Looks like the Rams have one more fan already.