Eric Dickerson says he’s been banned from Rams sideline for criticizing team

Eric Dickerson is arguably the face of the Los Angeles Rams, spending his first 4 ½ years with the club and winning three rushing titles. But the Hall of Fame running back apparently is no longer welcomed on the sideline because of his critical comments.

Dickerson appeared on AM 570 LA Sports radio Monday and revealed the falling-out.

“We joke about it on the show, but I did get a call from upper management,” Dickerson said. “Someone from upper management called me and said that I make the players feel uncomfortable about some of the stuff I’ve said on the radio and that they don’t want me on the sideline. Basically, they don’t want me at the games.”

Earlier this month, Dickerson expressed concerns regarding the credentials of Rams quarterbacks coach Chris Weinke while appearing on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

"We have a quarterback coach—Chris Weinke—that’s coaching our No. 1 pick that we traded all these draft picks for," Dickerson said. "Show me the proof. Show me what you’ve done. Show me your history. What history do you have of working with quarterbacks and developing quarterbacks?"

On Monday, Dickerson was obviously disappointed in the Rams’ decision and questioned the players’ resolve.

“Look, I love my football team,” Dickerson said. “I want my team to win and you’ve got the nerve to call me and tell me that crap. You know that I make the players feel … these are grown men. These aren’t a bunch of girls.”

Dickerson’s comments can be heard here.

Late Monday, Rams executive of football operations Kevin Demoff said on Twitter that all former Rams players are welcome at the team’s facilities — especially Dickerson.