Edgar: McGregor should defend the 145-pound title first

Frankie Edgar got his bell rung, but he still managed to get a win over Jeremy Stephens on the UFC 205 undercard. Edgar spoke to Submission Radio after his fight, and commented on a few different things about the bout and what might be next for him. One interesting note is that while he says he’s a 145-pounder for now, a bout with bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz would be of interest to him.

The other things had to do with Conor McGregor. Edgar was speaking before McGregor beat Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title in the main event, but is more concerned with Conor’s 145-pound belt anyway. When asked if he wanted to fight on the Brooklyn card and who he’d like to face, naturally Conor’s name came up:

“I gotta see how I feel tomorrow, but yeah, it seems like it would make sense for me.”

“I don’t know right yet. I mean sh*t, hopefully Conor. If he wants to come back down to ’45 and give me that title shot. Butwe’ll see what happens.”

He also thinks that no matter what happens with McGregor, it’s his duty to come back down to defend his featherweight title next:

“Yeah, I think whether he wins or loses, he should have to defend the ’45 first before he does anything at ’55. Unless he wants to give the ’55 pound title up.”

Edgar is likely behind Jose Aldo when it comes to getting that Conor fight at 145, but Edgar vs. Dominick Cruz sure sounds entertaining to me, assuming Cruz gets by Cody Garbrandt at UFC 207.

Check out the video above for the whole interview.