Dwyane Wade congratulates the Cubs, reminds LeBron about their World Series bet

Chicago Bulls star Dwyane Wade certainly has reason to smile.

His Bulls have looked better than most expected to start the 2016-17 NBA season, and on Wednesday night, his hometown Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series. (That’s still incredibly weird to type, by the way.) On top of it all, Chicago’s 3-1 comeback against the Cleveland Indians meant Wade won his World Series bet with former teammate and good friend LeBron James,

On Thursday, Wade reminded the King of their wager with a little gentle taunting as he offered his congratulations to the Cubs:

“Yo, what’s up, everybody? I just want to send out congratulations to the Chicago Cubs. The city of Chicago needed this. The kids of Chicago needed this. It’s much appreciated what you guys did, how you guys fought back, how you guys continued to show us, to show everyone, never give up.

“Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians, heck of a World Series. Way to give it everything you guys had.

“My theme music for the Chicago Cubs right now is ‘Put On For My City.’ You guys put on for us, man, so I’m excited for the city, but I’m also excited for my bet. Mr. James, let’s talk. I’ve got some ideas for you.”

In case you need a reminder, the wager was pretty simple. With the Cubs emerging victorious, LeBron has to show up to the United Center in full Cubs uniform when the Cavaliers visit the Bulls on Dec. 2. Had the Indians won, Wade would have had to wear a Cleveland uniform when the Bulls visit LeBron’s abode in January.

Fortunately for LeBron, several of his signature shoes already exist as baseball cleats — although the Cubs prefer custom Air Jordan cleats. Can you blame them?