Draymond Green believes referees are unfairly targeting him for technical fouls

Draymond Green ranked third in the league in technical fouls last season, and was suspended for Game 5 of the NBA Finals after picking up several flagrants during the Warriors’ run through the postseason.

After all of that, he believes his reputation is affecting how he’s being officiated this year.

Green has already picked up two technical fouls a little over a week into the season, though he believes neither of them were deserved.

"I got two techs this year for yelling, ‘Ahhh’?" Green told ESPN. "At this point, do I need to wear a mask? Am I allowed to show emotion on the floor? That’s who I am. I play with emotion.

"I love this game, so I’m going to show emotion. But if you yell, ‘Ahhh,’ after a dunk … I’ve never seen anyone get a tech for that."

If Green yelled in the direction of an opposing player, even unintentionally, the referees could view it as taunting, and a technical foul would be the appropriate call. But Green doesn’t believe that’s been the case.

"I look forward to getting an explanation on the first and the second one," Green said. "You can’t yell after a good play? So I’m looking for an explanation for both. I think they both should get rescinded. They said I was disrespecting the referees.

"All right, I’m not talking to them no more. But now you want to give me a tech for yells? It’s not like I’m standing in someone’s face yelling."

There are small fines associated with each technical foul, but more importantly, a player receives a one-game suspension after picking up a 16th technical foul of the season. Green just wants to make sure the referees are giving him a fair shake.

"At a certain point, you kind of get a reputation and you’re judged off that reputation," Green said. "I think I’ve gotten a reputation for arguing calls. That’s what I got techs for [last season]. I understand that. Now I don’t argue calls, so why am I getting techs for yelling?"