Devils celebrate Halloween with awesome ‘Stranger Things’ ice projection intro

Fans who attended the New Jersey Devils’ “Halloween Night” this past Saturday at the Prudential Center were treated to a special pregame on-ice projection to celebrate the festive day. To introduce the team’s players and coaches, the Devils created an awesome video that mimicked the intro sequence to the popular Netflix show “Stranger Things.”

A television show being warmly embraced inside a hockey arena? Here’s where I show some strong restraint by refusing to make a dumb “Netflix & chill” joke.

Really, though, the Devils and “Stranger Things” are pretty much a match made in Heaven. Or would it be Hell? Either way, they’ve both got sinister vibes and most hockey players have just as many teeth as Dustin.

All that needs to be said is that the result was pretty fantastic, so much so that I’m hoping they keep it around for a little bit longer for maximum enjoyment. The Devils excellently utilized Halloween to show that they’re clearly a hip franchise.