Cubs to remove chalk messages on Wrigley Field walls

The Chicago Cubs’ amazing World Series run berthed a cool, unique tradition of fans chalking on the brick walls of Wrigley Field.

The chalk walls are a pretty amazing sight to see but unfortunately won’t be seen for much longer. The Cubs announced Monday that they will begin removing the chalk artwork and messages this week due to some needed construction.

"Due to the start of offseason construction, we will need to fence in these beautiful postseason memorials and remove the artwork from all areas of the ballpark," president of business operations Crane Kenney said in a letter to fans. "While we hate to remove these cherished messages, chalk is a fleeting medium. To preserve these images, we will continue to photograph the outfield bleacher walls so we may share these postseason wall messages publicly in the future."

Kenney thanked the fans for their support of the team and hopes to see the Wrigley chalk drawings again in the future.

"You have developed what we hope will become a Wrigley Field postseason tradition."

Thousands of fans flocked to Wrigley Field during the Cubs’ quest for a World Series championship, with many stopping to scribble their messages on the brick walls beneath the right field bleachers.

Fans used the wall to write inspiring messages, words of encouragement or simply sign their name. For some, it took on a much deeper meaning as they chalked the names of fellow Cubs fans who have passed away or were unable to sign the wall themselves.

The team encouraged fans to write their final messages by Tuesday evening and take photos.