Cristiano Ronaldo did a photoshoot stripped down in a bed of flowers

Cristiano Ronaldo sure knows how to light up the internet. You see, Ronaldo has posed in his underwear more times than any of us can count, and he needed to find new ways to get people excited about his CR7 underwear line. So, he shared this Friday morning on social media:


Wow — where to even start? There is so much going on here and it’s all weird.

His head is nestled awkwardly in a flower bed like he’s had a long night of drinking and couldn’t wait to make it inside before laying down. That jacket looks more like a quilt or perhaps a curtain than it does a jacket. And did he bring a pillow outside to put on the dirty ground and sit on? He isn’t going to put that back on his bed, is he?

It’s such a strange collection of decisions to promote his underwear line.  Someone said, "I know what we should do…" and they somehow ended up with this.

Somewhere, there is probably photo roll full of unused photos with Ronaldo striking this pose. We can only wonder how this photo was chosen as the one and the others were scrapped. "His head is too deep into the flowers in this one. Here, his head isn’t far enough into the flowers." They had to get it just right.

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