Cowboys DT says his shoe collection is worth ‘six figures’

There’s a competition of sorts going on in the Dallas Cowboys’ locker room, and I’m not referring to the one between Dak Prescott and Tony Romo. No, this one is far less significant, though it’s still pretty great.

Dez Bryant said last week that only Michael Jordan has a better shoe collection than he does. He never wears shoes when they first come out, either. Rather, he gets them six months in advance, so they’re rarely seen by the public.

“Nobody has better shoe game than me, beside Jordan himself,” Bryant said on Thursday. 

Bryant gets 50 pairs of shoes a month from Nike and now has a collection with 3,000 to 3,500 shoes in it. That’s far more impressive than the supply Prescott has, which is always ribbed by Ezekiel Elliott.


As impressive as Bryant’s houseful of shoes is, defensive tackle Terrell McClain’s is also impressive – and pretty darn valuable.

"I could probably sell my entire collection and get about six figures for them," McClain said, via the Dallas Morning News. "I got some good shoes in the closet."

McClain’s shoes of choice are Christian Louboutin red bottoms that are valued at around $2,000.

McClain doesn’t seem to agree with Elliott in thinking Prescott has the worst shoe-game. That “award” goes to rookie defensive tackle Maliek Collins.

"I always see him wearing flip flops. And they’re Adidas. I never see him wear shoes. I don’t know if he has them or he’s scared to wear them. I’m always like, ‘Maliek, what are you wearing?’"

It’s pretty obvious the Cowboys have a close-knit locker room. From playing basketball with giant tennis balls and laundry bins to comparing shoe collections, this group is like a loving family.