Cole Miller criticizes UFC again: ‘How much blood did I shed on that canvas’

Cole Miller is still not happy with the UFC. The veteran featherweight has aired his grievances with the promotion over recent weeks, disappointed in his compensation for a canceled UFC Manila fight and that UFC officials wouldn’t even meet with him to discuss the issues he has.

Today as a guest on The MMA Hour, he expanded on how disappointed he is with the promotion that he has competed in for a decade (transcribed by MMA Mania):

“I’m not just angry, but hurt a little bit, too. Like, gut checked. Really, that’s what they think of all this effort and hard work that I have put in? And it’s not just the effort you put in for eight weeks, but the effort that I put in for 13 years and eight weeks. All that stuff is compounded.

“I have spent 10 years in the Octagon for Zuffa. I think I’ve gotten three surgeries from fights I did in the Octagon, I don’t know how many stitches, probably three broken bones that didn’t get operated on. How much blood did I shed on that canvas and shed from other people on that canvas? And that’s what they think about me?”

Miller took some after his recent statements to examine whether he had overreacted, but in the end, he stands by what he said:

“Maybe I thought I was hot-headed at the moment, so I calmed down and thought there may be some rationale behind it. But, then I start feeling gut checked because they just straight ignored you, tossed you away and didn’t answer when I tried to reach out to them or anything. They couldn’t give me a reason.”

Miller (21-10, 1 NC, 10-8, 1 NC UFC) will compete in the last fight on his contract when he meets Mizuto Hirota at UFC on Fox 22 this weekend in Sacramento.