Chris Jericho makes hilarious reference to rumored fight with Sin Cara on Raw

While the WWE roster made a tour of Europe a few weeks ago, a report emerged that Chris Jericho and Sin Cara had a fight on a tour bus. The story (via Wrestlezone) was that Sin Cara was making noise, which annoyed Jericho and led to a confrontation.

A more sensational version of the events stated that Sin Cara actually knocked out Jericho. Jericho disputed that report on Twitter by noting that he hasn’t been knocked out since 1994, but didn’t refute that the fight occurred.

On Monday night’s episode of Raw, Chris Jericho made an apparent reference to that story out of the blue. In the main event, Kevin Owens defended his Universal Championship against Seth Rollins, in a match that was highlighted by a wild dive off the balcony.


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After the dive, the action returned to the ring area – where a mysterious masked man attacked Seth Rollins to give Kevin Owens an advantage.


The man was Chris Jericho, of course, who squashed his beef with Owens earlier in the show. Jericho’s disguise was particularly interesting. He wore a Shinsuke Nakamura sweater as a nod to the former NXT Champion, along with a Sin Cara mask. Big E couldn’t believe it.


Jericho’s interference would make the difference, as it allowed Owens to hit a brutal powerbomb on the apron to get the win.