Carmelo Anthony says he’s talked to Kobe Bryant about Phil Jackson’s criticism

New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony is frustrated with team president Phil Jackson for calling him out in the media – a tactic Jackson has used for years on different teams – and the two had a short meeting over the weekend to talk about the issue.

Jackson told CBS Sports last week that he believes Anthony can be another Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant in his triangle offense, but that Anthony holds the basketball too long in the system. Anthony told reporters that he wanted to know why Jackson seems to criticize Anthony in the media so often.


"That was my question, was just, ‘Why?’ Regardless of what was the context of the interview or conversation, just why? …. Why, every time, do I come up? He explained that. It’s been behind me for two days."

Jackson seemingly can’t stay out of the headlines this season. Just a few weeks ago, Anthony came to his close friend LeBron James’ defense after Jackson referred to James and his associates as a "posse." According to Anthony, he tries not to "read into" whatever Jackson says publicly.

"Me and Kobe have countless conversations about that…. [Phil’s] going to talk. Nobody can stop that. So try not to read into it too much."