Carmelo Anthony is ‘getting tired’ of hearing about the triangle offense

Ever since Phil Jackson took over as the president of basketball operations for the Knicks, there’s been an ongoing theme from the New York media that’s revolved around an endless mentioning of the triangle offense.

It was justified initially, because of Jackson’s insistence on installing a coaching staff that had intimate knowledge of his preferred offensive system. But since hiring Jeff Hornacek this summer, the Knicks have gone away from a strict reliance on the triangle offense, at least to this point in the young season.

That hasn’t stopped those who cover the team from trying to discuss it at every turn, and Carmelo Anthony finally told them he’d had enough after Sunday afternoon’s loss to the Jazz.


"We’re making adjustments offensively regardless of what we’re running," Anthony told reporters. "At this point I’m getting tired of hearing about the triangle. Just getting tired of hearing about it."

Welcome to the club.

There isn’t a less interesting storyline in the entire league than New York’s use or non-use of the triangle offense. Every team in the league runs triangle sets, and even with Jackson’s success in using it to win 11 championships with the Bulls and Lakers as a head coach, his hiring of Hornacek has proven that he’s no longer tied to it exclusively.

It would be nice if the folks covering the team could similarly part ways with a topic that isn’t at all relevant to this year’s Knicks.