Bucks fan deserves a lot more money for his halfcourt shot

One lucky Milwaukee Bucks faced an interesting dilemma Monday night during the Bucks’ game against the Orlando Magic. The Bucks ran a "hit a shot for cash" promotion as many teams do, but this particular fan had three choices – he could shoot from the free-throw line for $500, the three-point line for $1,000, or the halfcourt line for $5,000.

He wisely chose the halfcourt shot, and proceeded to drill it on the first attempt.


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Unfortunately for the fan, the going rate for halfcourt shots in mid-game entertainment stunts is pretty low in Milwaukee. Earlier this month, a Lakers fan banked $35,000 for a halfcourt shot.

You’re probably thinking "OK, but that was Los Angeles." A few days earlier, a Thunder fan in Oklahoma City (which is a smaller market than Milwaukee) took home $20,000.


Even college kids – like this Kansas student who won $10,000 of Bill Self’s money – are earning more than Bucks fans.