Browns’ Hue Jackson after 0-12 start: ‘I’m not feeling like this next year’

After a 27-13 home loss to the New York Giants on Sunday, the Cleveland Browns have just four games left to try to avoid 0-16 ignominy achieved only once before in NFL history — by the Detroit Lions in 2008.

First-year head coach Hue Jackson is not in any apparent danger of losing his job. But this season-long futility streak cuts much deeper than self-preservation for the 51-year-old who took the Browns gig after four successful seasons in Cincinnati, the final two as offensive coordinator.

“I’m not feeling like this next year" Jackson said in the postgame news conference in the video above by "There’s no way. Uh Uh. No. I’m a fighter and we got a bunch of fighters in that room.”

Jackson added the following of the young, struggling club: "Being 0-12 is probably the hardest thing ever. It’s been a long 12 weeks … I don’t lose many fights, I’ve never lost many fights. We’re going to keep swinging. I’ve lost a lot right now. More than I’ve ever lost in my life. But we’re going to keep fighting. We’ve got to learn what it takes to win in the National Football League."

The Browns have their late Week 13 bye to lick their wounds and prepare to claim a win(s) against these final four opponents: Cincinnati, at Buffalo, San Diego, at Pittsburgh.