Brent Burns signs massive eight-year extension with Sharks

Brent Burns and the San Jose Sharks agreed to an eight-year contract extension on Tuesday that will pay the defenseman an average annual value of $8 million.

Burns’ current deal is set to expire at the conclusion of this season. Given the tremendous season that the blue-liner had last year (27 goals and 75 points) and his hot start to this current campaign, it was a foregone conclusion that he would be cashing in with a new mega deal.


The annual price tag on the new deal is large but fair, as Burns has established himself as one of the most explosive and dangerous offensive defensemen in the league. That’s fair market value for what Burns brings to the table as a blue line threat, but the term is a little tougher to swallow.

Burns, 31, will be signed through the 2024-2025 season, or his age 40 season. That’s a gamble for San Jose, as there’s no guaranteeing that Burns will be even close to the same caliber player that far down the line. It’s worth noting that the deal is front-loaded and includes a limited no-trade clause, but not a no-movement clause.


With that being said, Burns has become a core veteran pillar of this San Jose team, and his value also extends beyond the ice and into the locker room and community as well. Ultimately, San Jose decided he was too valuable to lose, and it’s hard to blame them for that.