Brazil clubs ask for rule changes to help Chapecoense after plane crash

In the wake of Monday’s tragic plane crash that saw numerous members of Brazil’s Chapecoense among the 71 killed, Brazil’s clubs have offered to help the grieving club get back on its feet. In addition to condolences, a group of Brazilian clubs have offered to loan players to Chapecoense free of charge. Furthermore, the clubs have asked Brazil’s governing soccer body to ensure Chapecoense cannot be relegated from the top flight for the next three seasons.

"Brazilian clubs unite and publish this official notice to, aside from expressing regret for this tragedy … also offer help with free loans of athletes and ask the [soccer governing body] that the team be immune to relegation for the next three seasons," a number of teams said in a group statement, via Globo Esporte.

Corinthians, Fluminense, Santos, São Paulo, Cruzeiro and many other clubs all pledged their efforts to help Chapecoense through this unimaginably difficult time.

"I am open to talking with other clubs to develop a way to loan players of good quality so that they can compete in competitions in 2017," Cruzeiro president Gilvan Tavares said.

If Chapecoense, who are currently in Brazil’s Serie A, find themselves facing relegation in the next three years, they would be exempt and allowed to stay in the top flight. Instead, the 16th-placed team would drop, per the proposal.