Bisping: Why should I face Romero when he ‘tested positive for steroids’

When it comes to performance-enhancing drugs, Michael Bisping makes his point loud and clear.

Bisping has a no tolerance policy when it comes to steroid abusers, and ‘The Count’ doesn’t want to face Yoel Romero because he sees him as a cheater.

‘Soldier of God’ faces Chris Weidman at the upcoming UFC 205 New York pay-per-view and Bisping is hoping ‘All-American’ beats him to become the next No. 1 middleweight contender.

“If Yoel beats Chris, I honestly don’t think I’ll fight Yoel, because he tested positive for steroids,” Bisping explained on Friday on SuriusXM Rush, per Danny Segura of MMA Fighting. “I read an article recently that said that it takes years for the advantages of taking steroids to get out of your system. Just because you don’t test positive anymore doesn’t mean you’ll lose all the extra muscle and things like that that you were able to achieve. So I think he needs longer, I really do. I don’t see why he should be rewarded.

Romero was looking at facing a two-year suspension for his failed drug test against ‘Jacare’ Souza at UFC 194, but the Cuban successfully reduced his ban to just six months after pleading his case for a tainted supplement to the USADA.

Bisping, though, who defended his middleweight title for the first time against Dan Henderson in Manchester, England, says there’s much more interest in a fight between him and Weidman.

“If Weidman wins, that’s the fight I want. Me and Weidman, for a little while now, I’d say probably the last year, have gone back and forth, back and forth, talking sh*t, and yeah, it’s a fight that interests me, 100 percent.”

Weidman vs Romero will take place at the UFC 205 extravaganza on November 12 at Madison Square Garden in New York.