Bill Belichick was quite displeased with press conference ‘Butt Fumble’ question

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With the New England Patriots preparing for their Sunday game against the New York Jets, head coach Bill Belichick took to the podium Wednesday morning for his weekly press conference.

Though Belichick’s answers are traditionally vague, to the say the least, he went out of his way to demean a reporter who asked a silly question about "The Butt Fumble" — one of NFL Thanksgiving’s most memorable plays that the Patriots happened to be on the positive side of four years ago this week:

Belichick’s response to the question was … well … just watch for yourself:


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Reporter: "Have you found time this week to study the film of the ‘Butt Fumble?’ "

Belichick: "Yeah, I don’t think we’ll get to that. Great question, though. Really, that’s awesome."

Ladies and Gentlemen … Bill Belichick!