Bayern stars show off their skills with long-distance juggling session

Manuel Neuer’s probably the best goalkeeper in the world with the ball at his feet. He’s so confident it sometimes gets him in trouble, but it’s for good reason. If worst came to worst and Bayern needed him on the pitch as a field player, he probably wouldn’t stick out too badly.

Case in point, this skills showcase with Thomas Muller and Rafinha in Bayern training:


These are fairly impressive skills for a regular professional field player, much less a goalkeeper.  The casual outside of the boot first touch control (twice!), the Ronaldinho-esque back pass, and those oh-so-clean volleys back to juggling partner Muller.

It’s reminiscent of Leo Messi and Dani Alves’ famous warm-up from a few years back.


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Mayyyybe a little more distance between those guys, but we’ll give Neuer and Muller a pass since one is a goalkeeper.