Authorities are searching for Marcus Camby’s missing autistic nephew

The 9-year-old autistic nephew of former NBA star Marcus Camby went missing from his uncle’s home during a Thanksgiving Day visit.

Marcus McGhee was visiting Camby from Connecticut. He went missing in the late afternoon, the Houston Chronicle reported.

"Unfortunately there is no new information regarding the ongoing search for Marcus McGhee," police said in a statement Friday morning. "With daylight we are hopeful that volunteers may have more luck with search efforts."

Per the Chronicle:

The child had been playing with other kids, but the adults noticed he was missing at about 4:15 p.m. They began searching the house, which has "lots of rooms, lots of places where people can hide," a police spokesman said. "Each room opens to a different room. It’s almost like a labyrinth."

Police arrived at about 4:45 p.m. and began combing the house and the dense property, which includes a small lake in its center. A security camera picked up Marcus for a few seconds as he slipped out of a side door, Lopez said.

Pearland Police Lt. Onesimo Lopez said they were most worried that Marcus had wandered north on the property, which is partially divided in the middle by a small lake.

"If he exited the side of the house and headed north, he’s headed right for the water," Lopez said. "It was dark, maybe the lights are playing on the surface. Autistic kids are drawn to large bodies of water. We’re hoping he didn’t fall in."

A rescue dog had picked up the scent of the 9-year-old and lost it. Law enforcement authorities said that could indicate Marcus McGhee could have wandered off the property and was trying to make his way back.

Marcus Camby played 17 NBA seasons,  including tours with the Houston Rockets and five other teams.