Attorney: Hunt turned down Dos Santos at UFC 206; UFC didn’t agree to proposed terms

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  • November 4, 2016
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Mark Hunt has shown distaste towards the UFC since a summer UFC 200 loss to Brock Lesnar, who tested positive for a banned substance, clomiphene, after the fight. Hunt is currently involved in an ongoing battle with the organization and has been recently exploring legal options.

Hunt wants a provision in his contract stating that if an opponent is flagged for a potential USADA violation, his fight purse would be given to Hunt. The longtime heavyweight contender is also looking for compensation from the UFC because of Lesnar’s failed drug test.

Hunt retained the services of San Diego attorney Christina Denning, a partner of Higgs Fletcher & Mack, for this case.

Denning revealed Wednesday that Hunt is still interested in competing inside the Octagon, but that he recently turned down a fight against former champion Junior dos Santos at UFC 206 in Toronto, Ont., on Dec. 10.

“I flew out to Vegas — I believe it was in late September — and met with three attorneys on behalf of the UFC to try to talk about a resolution, because [Hunt] wants to fight,” Denning told SiriusXM’s The Luke Thomas Show. “Mark turned down the upcoming UFC 206 fight against Junior dos Santos because the UFC wouldn’t agree to the terms that we had proposed.”

Hunt recently made it clear that he’d be willing to take legal action against the UFC if both parties are unable to come to terms. That said, Denning said that “the door’s open” and that Hunt’s team, including her, are still trying to negotiate with the organization.

“The UFC folks, they haven’t shut any doors on us, they haven’t said, ‘We’ll never talk to you about a provision like this in the contract,’” Denning said. “I’m waiting for my phone to ring, for the UFC to call us and come up with a resolution. Normally, I’d just file a lawsuit. Or I’d just wait for the Lesnar hearing to file a lawsuit. But we’re coming down and talking about it, because we want to resolve it and he wants to fight. He just wants fair fights.”