Antoine Griezmann says he’d like to play with Paul Pogba at the club level

Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann is one of Europe’s most sought-after stars, but it looks like one club might have the leg up in the race to possibly capture his signature. In an interview with Sky in Germany, the Frenchman hinted that Manchester United could be in cards in the future. The reason why? Paul Pogba.

I always ask Paul Pogba about Manchester United I think they are a huge club with a really good infrastructure.

I ask Paul about some of the players, and if they're really that good, or if Jose Mourinho is really that good.

You hear a lot of things [speculation] about Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain but right now I don't see me moving to a new club. But it would be awesome to play alongside Paul one day.

Griezmann has been the belle of the ball ever since his breakout 2015/16 season where he notched 32 goals and 7 assists for Atletico. It makes sense that Griezmann would want to play alongside Pogba. The two enjoyed a run to the Euro 2016 final this summer before falling to Portugal, they’re both young studs and they’re buddies.


Until now, Griezmann has pretty much pledged his allegiance to Atletico Madrid. He’s still not openly pushing for a move out of the club, but he’s usually said all the right things. Him mentioning he’d like to play alongside a player at a club that’s rumored to be after him can’t sit well with Atletico or their fans.

At the present and near future, there are only two options when it comes to Griezmann and Pogba playing together at the club level. Either Atletico buy Pogba from United, who just broke the transfer record to acquire the midfielder, or United make a play to buy Griezmann from Atletico.

Both scenarios could never happen — and would be a long way off if they ever did — but if one were to take place, which seems more likely?