Anthony Johnson considering fights at heavyweight

Light heavyweight title contender Anthony Johnson was obviously disappointed upon the cancellation of his rematch against champion Daniel Cormier. With that on hand, Rumble is now considering testing the waters at the heavyweight division.

“Yeah. I’ll fight heavyweight,” Johnson told FOX Sports. “If it’s a fun fight, I’d definitely try it out. I always said I was going to go up to heavyweight in the UFC before I retired anyways. I might as well try it out if I get the opportunity.”

“There’s some good heavyweights out there. Those boys are big, so I’m definitely taking a big risk and a big chance fighting those guys. I look forward to the challenge.”

Cormier was put out of action due to a groin tear, with no return date as of the moment. While most challengers would be overcome by frustration from said occurrences, Johnson says he actually respects DC, who extended an apology, both personally and through social media.

“Not many fighters will call you and say ‘I apologize'”. DC was a real man and called me and apologized, and then apologized on Twitter. I haven’t really been signed into Twitter and I haven’t been on social media much preparing for this fight, but when I signed into Twitter, I saw his message to me. That was mad respect from him to do that.”