Andrew Bogut fires back at ‘two-faced’ sources who questioned his durability with Warriors

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  • November 10, 2016
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When the Warriors landed Kevin Durant in free agency this summer, it didn’t come without a cost. In order to make room under the salary cap for the addition of Durant, Golden State had to part ways with a handful of key rotation players from its 2015 championship team, including Andrew Bogut, who was the starting center and the backbone of the defense.

Bogut was traded to the Mavericks as part of the Warriors’ salary dump, and in an interview with USA Today’s Sam Amick, he admitted to being disappointed about his departure, while lashing out at anonymous team sources that may have questioned his durability while he was there.

Q: You took some hits on the way out of town, though. Your durability was questioned …

A: “Oh, who cares? I don’t care.”

Q: Even though it seemed like it was coming from the inside (of the Warriors)?

A: “But that’s how it is. I don’t buy into the sources thing. I don’t buy into all that (expletive), because this league is so two-faced and everybody is so fake. The same people who made those comments will see me tomorrow and shake my hand and ask me how my family is. This league is full of people who are full of (expletive) and shallow, and that’s what you figure out in pro sports. It’s very hard to meet a genuine person who you can call your friend in this league. That’s just the reality, and I understand that."

Bogut has always been candid, and to be fair, he didn’t miss a ton of time and often played through injuries. He returns to Golden State on Wednesday night as a member of the Mavericks.