An MLS playoff match was delayed because the field lines were measured wrong

The Montreal Impact and Toronto FC were all set to square off in the first leg of their Eastern Conference final on Tuesday. The stands were packed — seriously, more than 61,000 seats were sold — the match was hyped and everyone was ready to see the Canadian rivals play for a spot in the MLS Cup. But there was a problem: The lines on the field were measured wrong and it wasn’t a regulation pitch.

The 18-yard boxes on both ends of the field weren’t actually 18 yards. They were each too narrow by about two yards, which MLS officials spotted just before the game. So the crew had to come out, paint green over the lines that were incorrect and mark new, correct lines.


It got downright comical.


This all went down at the Montreal Olympic Stadium, which is not the Impact’s regular home. Usually, they play at Saputo Stadium, but with it getting later into the year, the match being at night and the impending cold, they decided to play the match indoors at the Olympic Stadium instead. That it seats 40,000 more people didn’t hurt either.

Unfortunately, it appears as if the Olympic Stadium staff couldn’t figure out the basics of painting a match … like how long 18 yards is.