A squirrel got open in the Packers’ end zone Sunday

The Green Bay Packers were having trouble getting in the end zone against the Colts on Sunday at Lambeau Field, but one adventurous squirrel had no such difficulty.

Late in the third quarter with the Packers inside the Colts’ 10-yard-line, several Green Bay offensive linemen jumped before the snap and a penalty appeared to be on the way – but that wasn’t the case.

Officials had called off the play just before the snap because the squirrel was running loose in the end zone. His 15 seconds of fame lasted only until he scurried under the wall near the tunnel, and play resumed as quickly as it stopped.

Having not seen many receivers open in the end zone Sunday, Aaron Rodgers might have thrown to the little guy if officials hadn’t intervened.

A few minutes later, however, he was spotted goofing around with Packers defenders Clay Matthews and Datone Jones on the sideline. Looks like he wants to wear a helmet, too!