Zion Williamson really missed a breakaway reverse dunk

Zion Williamson might be the most statistically dominant player in the modern history of college basketball. He’s also not totally infallible.

While his Duke Blue Devils were in the process of blowing out Boston College during the second half on Tuesday, Williamson shot into the passing lanes on defense and came away with a steal. This was set up to be the type of moment every sports fan alive wants to see right now: Williamson with an open runway to the rim and no one standing between him in the basket.

Then this happened:

Boink. You can bet Williamson is going to be embarrassed about this play when he speaks to the media after the game. Here’s hoping it doesn’t dissuade him from trying more spectacularly superfluous dunks the rest of the year.

For those that believe Williamson only dunks: he has 17 rebounds, four steals, and three blocks in this game midway through the second half. Yes, he’s still the No. 1 pick by a landslide.

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