Vitor Belfort: I will retire after UFC St. Louis unless offered ‘$10 million or more’

At 40 years of age, UFC veteran Vitor Belfort will finally be fighting his retirement fight this weekend against Uriah Hall. In an online media scrum on Thursday, “The Phenom” already laid out his plans outside of fighting.

“I will start to open my gym franchises on Monday,” Belfort said (via MMA Fighting). “I’m investing in my businesses. I think it’s time to rest my body, so I’m focused on the franchises of Belfort Fitness and Lifestyle, not only in the United States but also in Brazil.”

Retirement in combat sports, of course, has always been uncertain for many. UFC welterweight Matt Brown, for one, is not content with the legacy he has left behind. Belfort, on the other hand, is willing to continue fighting if he was presented with a handsome offer.

“$10 million or more, to start the conversation. That’s the number,” Belfort said. “And then we start talking. A lot of money. A lot of money. Many millions,”

“Anyway, I will always train and dedicate myself. I have a lot of friends fighting, so I will always be prepared because I love doing this, this is my lifestyle, but it has to be very, very, very interesting because I’m happy with this decision.”

Belfort and Hall will co-headline the UFC’s event in St. Louis, Missouri on Sunday, January 14th.

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